January 16, 2013

Almond Cloud Cookies

というのも、King Arthur Flourブランドの10oz缶が見つからず、近所に売っているのは7ozのチューブ入りだけだったから。シンプルな配合のレシピですから、卵白を減らして7oz分のペーストでも少量で作れるに違いないと考えました。

Got ready to make these; was at the grocery store. It seems your product is not the standard. I can find Solo almond paste in 8 ounce cans and Odense (usually available wherever I have lived) in 7 ounce packages.

Now I have to redo the recipe for a different quantity of almond paste ’cause I really didn’t want to waste any by buying 2 containers. Gotta figure out what 80% of 2 large egg whites is for starters. Argh!

Sorry, didn’t realize the Love ‘N Bake products were so hard to find – we have them in our grocery store here. Since 75% would be 1 1/2 whites, that should be close enough… PJH
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